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Your business is growing. We believe your solution needs to adapt to you; not the other way around.

Regardless what stage of growth you are at, Bayes solution closes gaps and leverages your strengths by connecting your business end-to-end, giving you complete visibility and powering it with deep customer insights and business intelligence.


Select from our many business modules using our Advanced Smart BPM


Automate desired business process and link them to key decision makers and stages


Visualize and track your KPI analytics that impact your business today
Advanced Business Process Management in the Cloud

With advanced BPM capabilities, combined with artificial intelligence (AI), growing businesses can now have an enterprise-grade solution with the flexibility of a cloud solution built for you – no matter what stage your business is at.

Focus on the outcomes, not the code.

Using our intuitive drag & drop interface to independently assign tasks, decision makers, and smart business rules by easily creating your own complex workflows and processes instantly without the need for a coder or developer.

Keep Your Team in Sync and Secured in the Cloud
  • Lightweight and flexible, Bayes solution is SaaS-based and is backed up continuously with triple replication of your data, syncing across all devices, departments and teams instantly. It is compliant with major international cloud security standards, ensuring high availability of data and data security.
AI Engine means Future Proof
  • The road to achieving true Artificial Intelligence is long. But it starts with you. Understanding your requirements to automatically create desirable outcomes and opportunities for your business is how our AI-driven solutions operate. For us, being future proof does not just mean technology is built to last, but it is built to adapt and grow with you. As you grow, add additional modules and create new workflows as your business expands.
Streamline Your Business and Customize Your Own Solution by Selecting from Our Wide Portfolio of Business Modules

Your customers should enjoy a seamless experience no matter where they are, and that includes how they want to spend. Through Bayes’ Retail & Sales modules, you can manage all retail and F&B POS transactions and details. Start by consolidating all your sales channels onto a single platform, providing seamless payment options to your customers, viewing sales transactions activities in real time, and creating new products and services instantly. Then integrate with finance, dining and inventory management modules to send and receive relevant purchase and stock data automatically.

Retail POS

Point-of-Sale (POS) for retail stores, gift shops, spas, and salons. Terminal and mobile options both available.Track and manage billing, receipts, fee management, transactions, cancellations, transfers, and refunds.

Sales Tracking

Track, monitor, and view sales history of all your sales channels. Export sales reports and customer transactions history from your admin sales portal.


Create an online store, add and remove products and merchandise, then publish instantly, and allow customers to pay with loyalty points, major credit cards, or GIRO.

Customer Support

Provide 24/7 customer support using our AI natural language chatbot to service FAQ requests, general inquiries, and to segment support levels.

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Provide online and offline F&B services with Bayes F&B modules. Build a following through our loyalty & redemptions modules or create upsell opportunities using our AI chatbot to recommend add-ons to orders. Combined with Bayes Inventory and Order Management modules, you can achieve a truly smart, ready-made, end-to-end control over the entire F&B process from POS to supply chain to logistics.


Point-of-Sale (POS) for F&B dining facilities at restaurants, bars, and cafes. Track and manage billing, receipts, fee management, transactions, cancellations, transfers, and refunds.

Gift Cards, Loyalty & Redemptions

Create, distribute, and manage e-vouchers, such as birthday vouchers, lottery vouchers, etc. From individual user profiles, customers can access and utilize their e-vouchers, promotions, and loyalty points.

Banquets & Catering

Support your catering needs for all types of major events, such as annual parties, corporate events, gala dinners, and so on. Plan your inventory required, how much to buy, and avoid running out of stock.

Delivery Valet

Need to deliver goods or gourmet direct to your members? Not a problem! Delivery Valet allows you to fulfill and track your orders and monitor the status of your valet deliveries, as well as print labels when you need them. Also, you can receive notifications confirming deliveries.

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A complete order fulfillment process (Order-To-Fill) from sales quotes and invoicing to receipt and delivery statuses, enabling you to achieve a holistic view of your orders across your multiple sales channels, and all linked to your sales, finances, and inventory management modules.

Get real time visibility of all your inventory and manage all of your products and supplies from a centralized platform. Create, send, and track purchase orders. Avoid stock outs by settling automatic orders at different thresholds by product based on supply and demand. Know what you need to know in real time from a common dashboard that works on all devices.

Order Tracking

Track your orders along the entire scope of your order process, from sales quotes to order creation and issuing invoices to fulfillment upon delivery across your sales channels. Receive updates on your current orders and their statuses, including outstanding orders and payments.

Procurement Cycle

A complete order fulfillment process from RFQ and invoice management to receipt and payment statuses, enabling you to achieve a holistic view of your orders, and all integrated with your sales, finance, and inventory modules.

Inventory Control & Optimization

Optimize and track your inventory and stock levels. To avoid stock-outs, you can set stock thresholds to automatically trigger a notification for purchase of new supplies or inventory.

Warehouse Management

Manage one or multiple locations by gaining real-time visibility on exactly where and how much stock inventory you have at all times, as well as stock inventory that is on the move and in transfer between locations.

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Bayes Finance Modules include all the essential financial controls, reporting, and processes required to operate a fully transparent and robust financial management system. You can easily track outstanding balances, export aging reports on customership subscriptions, plan annual budgets, and integrate across all modules.

Accounts Receivables

Track payments due and overdue, monitor subscriptions, issue levies and charges, and easily follow-up on outstanding payments by setting automatic reminders defined at manually determined dates or based on an automated cycle, recording all reminders sent.

Accounts Payables

Link invoices, vendors, and payments; automate the payment cycle with reoccurring entries. Apply foreign exchange rates, maintain company rates, apply GST as required for tax reporting, compute GST tax automatically, and settle payments with cheques.

General Ledger & Control

Financial control. Maintain the chart of accounts, the general ledger and integrate with financial reporting for financial control and standard accounting methods.Amend details such entities, periods, foreign exchange rates; perform journal entry.

Tax Management

Stay compliant with local and foreign tax regulations on all sales activities based on respective tax codes. Generate detailed tax report based on sales transactions, taxes due and paid, as well as tax code.

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Bayes provides a full suite of marketing tools to gain the maximum benefit from your sales and marketing activities. From social media to analytics, Bayes marketing modules are designed to help you take action.

Social Media

Integrate with your favorite social media applications and track conversions using Bayes Dashboard Workbench with SEO marketing platforms like Google Analytics.

Notifications and Alerts

Admins can create customer lists based on groups, interests, or on an ad hoc basis for the purposes of blast notifications, mass email campaigns, or for event reminders.

Events Management

The Events Management Module streamlines your events processes from event creation to marketing and booking. Achieve a comprehensive view of multiple events through tracking and monitoring performance.

Calendar View

View public and private events. All reserved events will be automatically available on members’ individual user profile. Customers can also view details of their registered event, respective transaction details, as well as a consolidated Calendar View of all their reservations for facilities, events, rooms, and tee-times.

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Successfully holding together any organization is its most important assets: your staff and management team. A clear structure, concrete processes, and a collaborative environment is paramount, which is why Bayes HR modules contain all the mission-critical processes for your HR team to perform at optimal levels, including compensation, leave claims, expense claims, and performance tracking, as well as provide a consolidated view of the organization and details of its employees.

Payroll System

The payroll system manages employees’ compensation plans, salary administration, employees expense claim management, as well as maintain records of performance. Payroll is integrated with the finance system to automate payment and record of salaries and wages.

Employee Rostering

Create and manage employee schedules and time cards easily. Track clock in & out times via smart processes, including individual QR codes and geo-location stamping.

Employee and Organizational Management

Maintain a detailed record of employees, from recruitment to separation or termination. Leave management and training is also tracked and managed by respective employee’s manager. View and manage your organization from top down and bottom up, assigning roles, designations and functions to those within the organizational chart.

Leave Claims

Leave requests can all be managed on the employee management platform by employees from leave application to approval, and may be edited at any time.

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For any facility, including dining, sports, recreational, halls, suites, villas, rooms, bunglows, your customers and their guests can reserve online their desired activity and respective facility. Additionally, your staff will be able to help customers and their guests book facilities, make dining reservations, adjust tables, edit bookings, and configure time slots, including blackout dates.

Facility Booking

The facility booking process can be done in three simple steps: select, summarize, and pay. Select your facility and services to reserve on a specific date or dates, view a summary of selections with applied charges (if any), then checkout confirming purchase (if applicable). Receipts will be issued with a confirmation of reservation.

Time Management

Depending on the type of facility (e.g. golf, tennis court, hotel room, berth, etc.), facility managers may amend the duration of a time slot, slot availability and blackout dates, advance bookings, and lead times for booking each facility.

Facility Booking Calendar View

All reservations for facilities, events, rooms, and tee-times can be made automatically available in their individual user profile within a consolidated Calendar View.

Facility Management Administration

Facility managers can take control of the whole booking facility process, including registering and editing new member profiles, updating new prices for facilities and relevant F&B (catering), waiving charges under special conditions, managing POS transactions applicable to facilities, and issuing receipts.

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Not yet ready to move into a new system, but you’re already managing multiple data platforms and need to find a way to visualize your data easily? Then our Smart BPM plus Dashboard Workbench and Report Builder can help. Due to our API centric design, our Analytics modules are enabled for data blending and harmonization between Bayes modules and major 3rd party platforms.

Top 10 Reports (examples):

  • Top Negative Margin Clients
  • Top Profitable Clients
  • Marketing Dollar Conversion
  • Actual vs Budget Spend
  • Top 10 SKUs by Business Unit
  • A/R – Overdue Report
  • A/R – Status & Sum of Aging
  • Social Media Actual Spend over Sales
  • Top Sales Performers
  • Top Vendors and Merchandise Partners


Daily Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Know Your Customers (KYC) Tracking in your customer Dashboard Workbench

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Engage Your Customers Intelligently Through Data Analytics, Data Blending and Harmonization
  • Removing data silos and getting your business talking again between data applications, so that you can focus on what matters: your customers.
Self-Service Analytics and Reporting

Gain complete visibility across your business. Connect your favorite 3rd party applications like Google Analytics and Office 365 to instantly Create and Track all of your key business metrics and customer metrics here in real-time.

Create individual self-customized daily dashboard workbenches and generate customized ad-hoc reports instantly.

Report and Form Builder

Via data blending and harmonization, easily create your own reports, forms, surveys, and applications using our Report Builder and Form Designer instantly.

Your Intelligent Digital Engagement Assistant

80% of companies plan to use Chatbots by the year 2020 in the US, according to a 2016 McKinsey report.

Bayes AI-driven Natural Language Chatbot is not just any ordinary chatbot. It is purposefully designed to help your business engage with your customers naturally, leading them through a smart decision process to help them achieve their desired goals, as well as create unique opportunities that match your business.

It is your sales manager, 24/7 customer support team, and operations lead, helping you augment your customer success, starting from FAQs and general inquiries to targeted and customized recommendations for your customers and internal users.

A*STAR CIP and CDG Grant

As part of Singapore’s “Go Digital” 2017 initiative, Bayes technology and solution is leading the way to help SME businesses proactively transform and modernize their businesses in the digital age. Reach out to us to find out more details and how you might be eligible for this exclusive grant sponsored by A*STAR.

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